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Carr’s scope of services also includes the Design-Build method of project delivery. This is a system of contracting under which Carr would form a single contract with the owner to provide architectural, engineering, and construction services in a cost effective and efficient manner. With this arrangement, construction owners deal with a unified design/build “team” working together on their behalf instead of having the divided responsibility in traditional contracting.

Some of the advantages of the design/build delivery method include:

  • Single Source Responsibility:
    The design/build approach provides both architecture/engineering and construction under a single contract
  • Early Determination of Costs:
    Continuous and concurrent estimating during the design phase results in accurate construction costs far sooner than traditionally possible
  • Value Engineering:
    Alternative systems, materials, and methods can be considered and evaluated as a means of cost savings for the owner
  • Time Savings:
    Architectural and construction services are overlapped; bidding periods and redesign time are eliminated. Long lead items can also be identified and purchased early in the design phase. These time savings can be translated into lower costs and earlier occupancy of the completed facility
  • Quality:
    Design/build eliminates the traditional “finger-pointing” that can happen between the architect and contractor. This allows all resources and attention to be productively focused on cost effective solutions that result in the best value and quality